The Protection Plus Solutions REST API allows your Organization to integrate background screening and drug testing products from Protection Plus Solutions deep into your existing CRM, or other software systems. Using the API helps to cut down turnaround time by removing multiple/duplicate onboarding process and making the results available right inside your software systems.

The API system provides integration for all major products offered by Protection Plus Solutions. The PPS REST API includes our PerfectRECORD, Unlimited Data product- beyond a 7 year search instant on-demand report, all County Level and State-Wide Searches, Drug test processing with both eScreen and LabCorp, DMV Motor Vehicle records and full Criminal/Federal PACER database searches.


Secure Communication
Easy And Quick Setup
Customizable Reports
Webhook Integration
Churn Reduction
Integration Help & Support
Detailed Documentation
Rich Integration
FCRA Compliant
  • No GAPS - Your agents will get a comprehensive background check including every county level search that doesn't fully report on an instant report.
  • Worry Free - Monthly monitoring with CrimSPY means you will be alerted when a Rep gets hit with a criminal record, before they can use your good name to commit another.
  • Churn Reduction - SSN's are indexed across all divisional and partners. Any agent who has ever worked for another partner will not be allowed to enter the re-screening process without your companies consent! No more "jumping bean" Reps!
  • Secure - All pertinent information on each Rep is stored in the Onboarding Platform.
  • Organized - All compliance can add public or private notes to each Rep on your account set up!
  • Consolidated - Corporate level users can see all Reps including photo ID' and badges across vendors, channels, and regions Nationwide!!!


Protection Plus Solutions API allows your company to add background check services to your own applications. The PPS API integration service includes our PerfectRECORDUnlimited Data Report instant on-demand report, All County-level and Statewide Searches , Drug Testing processing with both eScreen and LabCorp , DMV Motor Vehicle Records, and full Criminal/Federal PACER database Searches and much more.

PPS has a fully dedicated support team that can help troubleshoot your current onboarding process and assist you with developing customized solutions. Our fully documented API/XML Gateway is easily mapped out to ensure a seamless integration process. Like all of our background screening solutions, our REST API is secured and all of our products are FCRA Compliant. Please let PPS know if you need any additional programming needs to your login for Onboarding. Our Design team will help you achieve all of your needs to ensure a seamless onboarding process. PPS does charge for custom programming and we’re always happy to provide you with a quote!


Chose this option from your log-in page and pay a one-time set up fee to generate a personalized webpage where you can send your prospective hires so they can self-order and pay for their own background checks, drug tests, or set up under our CrimSPY program. The amount of their background check will be displayed to them before they proceed with their order. You can see their purchased reports in your dashboard like any other candidate in your organization. You can post this URL on HR websites like Monster, Craigslist, Indeed and even your own website, plus many more!