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The HealthCare Industry has specific State and Federal Hiring Regulations regarding hiring candidates to work in the HealthCare industry. PPS will inform you whether we can run a background check for you as many states require a fingerprint and/or a State/Federal search conducted by that agency because of the responsibility HealthCare professionals have.


They are fingerprint-based searches of state and national registries that are designed to yield more information than what you might receive from a name-based search social security record search.


HealthCare background check requirements vary depending on which organization conducts them, what the open position is, and how thorough the employer wants to be in the background check.

Please reach out to the Protection Plus Solutions Legal Team for additional information to ensure you’re ordering the correct type of background check for this industry!



What to look for when running a Data Search Report
  • Some of the common types of convictions that could result in a denial for a position include convictions for drug abuse, theft, elder or patient abuse, sexual offenses, and others.
  • Having a strong background check policy can help you remain compliant with all relevant state and federal laws.
  • Please reach out to PPS for guidance to ensure that you are ordering the correct type of Background Check for your candidate and business.


Protection Plus Solutions can help provide the necessary information to ensure you are making the right hiring choices. Our HealthCare bundle(s) sanctions checks consist of multiple regulatory and governmental databases that identify individual care providers who are prohibited from working in the HealthCare industry. These sanctions may be severe such as a past criminal conviction in multiple states, or demeaning or unethical conduct for which they were disciplined in a court of law. HealthCare organizations are required under state and federal regulatory requirements to run these types of checks.


However, some individuals may be excluded from these types of checks due to a mandatory administrative sanction or a state Medicaid program. State and Federal Agencies will impose sanctions on individuals and entities when they have been found to have disregarded or posed an unacceptable risk to the hospital or agency they are working for and or the well-being and safety of the patient(s). Protection Plus Solutions HealthCare Sanctions checks are also run along with our PerfectRECORD and Unlimited data reports. (See description of both reporting information under the products page.)

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