All Protection Plus Solutions Background Screening products are tailored around the Home Services Industry, including Door to Door Sales. We provide the Safeguards your company needs when sending a Sales Rep to their home or business!


Protection Plus Solutions is the leader when it comes to background check screening for Door To Door marketing companies. PPS is constantly fine-tuning our background reporting to ensure that all PUC Compliancy requirements are met as well as any new laws or FCRA rules that may affect your hiring process. We know companies that promote D2D Sales expectations are set at the highest background screening standards. That’s why we provide background screening solutions tailored around companies that sell Cable, Energy, and Home Services in residential neighborhoods.


Protection Plus Solutions takes the worry out of selecting the right background check screening products for Door to Door Sales Teams. We provide comprehensive, real time National, State, County, and Federal (PACER) Background Checks, Including Social Security Validation, AKA Record Search, 10 Year SSN History Search, National Sex Offender Registry, OFAC, Terrorist Watch Lists, and an immediate case review with our compliance team to ensure accuracy and validation of your candidate for hire

Our advanced pre-screening online application and drug screening service allows you to quickly and seamlessly:
  • Verify the applicants True IDENTITY and any alias useds
  • Verify if the name of or other personal information has been falsified
  • Order "CrimSPY" Protection Plus Solutions monthly monitoring system which alerts you to any crimes the employee commits while working for you.
  • Order ID Badging with 24/7 Online verification of their "clear background" report for you or your customers to verify at anytime!
  • Verify if the applicant has a Criminal History
  • Provide you with "Pass or Fail" screening policies based upon your needs.
  • Verify if they have a valid Social Security Number or Drivers License
  • Verify National Sex Offender Registry
  • Order and Track Drug Screening Results On-line
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Our unique Protection Plus Solutions ID Badge allows Your Company or Your Customer the ability to check the background status of your Sales Rep 24/7 by logging into our secured website. We ALSO place EACH Sales Rep on CrimSPY™, Protection Plus Solutions monthly monitoring system that alerts you if your Sales Rep has gotten into trouble after you’ve background screened them. If they do get into trouble, we will ALERT you immediately and invalidate the electronic version of their badge so your company and your customer are PROTECTED
Our Criminal Background Checks include:
  • Our Perfect RECORD Report

    will provide an in-depth investigation of a personas criminal record history for the past 7 years. This report will provide National, Federal, State and Local Levels, a 10-year address history, Social Security Number validation directly through the social security administration and not a credit bureau. It will also provide arrest record and sex offender registry information along with a photo ID of the candidate. Provide all infraction, misdemeanors and felony convictions.
  • Our Unlimited Data Report

    is a more robust report and will provide the exact information provided in the PerfectRECORD report but will extend the report past a 7 year search, we can go back as far as 30 years if we find criminal records.
  • Motor Vehicle Record Checks (MVR)

    A motor vehicle record check is an ideal way to identify a prospective employee or contractor with unsafe driving records to limit corporate risk if they’re transporting your goods in their vehicle or yours. In some states, convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot be found on the criminal court record and can only be revealed through an MVR report. Companies can spend thousands of dollars and court attorney fees if their drivers are involved in an accident, not properly licensed, or had prior negative driving records.
  • Transportation Companies (MVR)

    Transportation companies require drivers to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). PPS conducts checks regarding the driver's license of your employee/contractor. This includes verifying the license authenticity, confirming particulars (e.g. license number, date issued, expiry date, license status), and investigating pertinent issues regarding the license (i.e. suspensions, violations, and driving restrictions).