Protection Plus Solutions offers the flexibility of ordering background check services individually or by establishing a standard background screening program.

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Protection Plus Solutions is a premier online background screening company. Our customers rely on our fast, compliant, and accurate profiles to make critical decisions. All of our screening services offer the convenience of securely submitting requests and accessing profile reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Protection Plus Solutions is committed to creating a safer and more secure workplace and living environment for everyone through the responsible use and dissemination of information. All of our business practices are FCRA compliant and our technology platform is HR-XML consortium certified.


Our web-based, user-friendly, state-of-the-art service enables you or your company to easily order background checks and other screening services online, view reports immediately, or in progress, receive criminal “hit” notifications, and securely retrieve completed profile reports through your own personalized account.


Our flexible ordering system delivers your background check profiles quickly and easily, while the in-depth administrative reports provide all the necessary data to effectively manage the screening process, all at a very reasonable price.

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All Managers and HR Personnel can access the Records for the Reps underneath them. Company level users can see ALL Managers and their hires, but Managers can only see their own Reps. Pictures, Signed Documents, BG Checks, County Searches, Drug Test Results, Contact Details and even their printable Temp Badge all in one place online 24/7.


Managers, HR, and Compliance Staff can open a ticket to get FAST, accurate support from PPS. PPS staff know the specific concerns of compliance across in-house and outsourced resources, meaning they can quickly answer questions you or your Channel Partners have.


PerfectRECORD only takes 15 seconds. Managers get unprecedented visibility to see where their rep is in the onboarding process. No more nagging to HR to find Automated drug test scheduling means faster tests and results. Printable temporary badges using the candidate's position, pic, name, etc. (Temporary badges expire after 1 week) No more printing, scanning, or emailing documents!

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We specialize in full screening for the Cable and Energy industries. We craft each and every product knowing the safety of customers and our clients reputations are on the line.


Our reports are color coded and highlighted for SIMPLE to use and evaluations & reporting. PASS/FAIL marks, alerts of potential issues, and a list of county criminal checks that need to be ordered make our product the easiest to evaluate quickly.


Our Support Staff is here to help you properly understand and evaluate HIRE and NO HIRE candidates. We are here to quickly assess Background Reports and answer questions you may have.


Vendors cannot push a Rep through unless EVERY PRODUCT is ordered and comes back clean. You set the standards and we do the rest.


Reps grant 3rd party access so you can view the Rep's full BG Check, not just a certificate. Managers can no longer tamper with the results by hiding offenses they don't want you to see.


What if after the hire an employee commits a crime ? Don't you want to be notified? We re-screen all reps once a month and notify you of offenses immediately to keep you and your customers safe and to keep you compliant. (CrimSPY)

Our Premium Products

Criminal Record Processing

More complete Instant criminal background investigation than other background screening companies. Criminal record searches in any U.S. County.

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Motor Vehicle

A motor vehicle record check is an ideal way to identify a prospective employee or contractor with unsafe driving records to limit corporate risk if they're transporting your goods in their vehicle or yours.

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Drug Screening

PPS uses both eScreen and Labcorp Nationally recognized lab based record sites. All drug tests are processed through our dedicated API for tamper proof testing results!

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Employee Monitoring

Regularly scan Nationwide Criminal Databases through our PerfectRECORD report each and every month for an entire year checking for criminal misconduct after hire.

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Protection Plus Solutions "BadgeLINK™" solution provides your customers Peace of Mind knowing that your employee or 1099 contractor is Crime-Free to enter their home or business.

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Self Sign-In URL

Once you register with PPS and are approved, your company name will appear in the registration area and Your Company will be provided your own Self-SignIn URL

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Healthcare Solutions

Custom HealthCare Background Screening to fit your onboarding needs.

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Pre Employment background check are necessary to reduce the risk for criminal activities such as violence, abuse and theft after employment.

A Criminal Background Check will report any information pertaining to crimes for which your candidate has been arrested, charged, tried, or convicted. The primary purpose of these checks is to find out whether or not a candidate has been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony crimes. Criminal background Checks will also often include pending criminal charges. Our Criminal Background Checks researches all names, addresses, and dates of birth uncovered by a thorough SS# trace over a 10 year period of time. Plus, it also checks National Criminal Records database which includes information from the following sources: Multi-State Sex Offender Database, OFAC, the FBI Terrorist List, Federal PACER Search and State/Local Wanted Fugitive Lists.

Typically, Criminal Background Checks can take anywhere from immediate results to even 3-5 business days to be completed. Every candidate’s history is different, and some factors can prolong this timeframe, such as where a candidate has lived within the last 10 years. There are some counties within the United States that require a court runner to walk in and request criminal records manually from a court clerk which can further prolong a Criminal Background Check to be completed. The vast majority of our Criminal Background Checks will take less than 10 minutes to complete as our staff combs through each report that is ordered and has the right set of research skills, and knowledge of courts and their systems to gather any additional information that may be needed

A Criminal Background Check will search as far back as 7 years or as far back as deemed necessary for contractors or home services requirements. Please review both our PerfectRECORD and Unlimited Data reports to ensure the best background screening product for your hiring needs. The standard operating procedure for businesses is to run Criminal Background Checks on new candidates at the time of their hiring. From there, businesses diverge significantly in how they handle ongoing background checks. Some businesses run repeat checks on their employees every year. It is important to remember that a Criminal Background Check is simply a glimpse of a candidate’s background at the time of hire. Just because your candidates have passed the initial Criminal Background Check that you run today does not guarantee that they will pass one again in a month, a year, or five years. You should always keep in mind there is always a possibility that one of your candidates could be arrested, charged with a crime, or convicted.