Maintain Compliance and Mitigate your RISK if an Employee or Contractor gets Arrested or Convicted after hire!!

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Arrest Alert™

Arrest Alert™ utilizes more than 3,000 interfaces with law enforcement agencies across the country to access real-time arrest information, along with tens of millions of historical incarceration and booking records representing nearly three-quarters of the jail population. Arrest Alert™ is updated within 30 minutes of booking through an integrated agency, providing the most timely insight into criminal incident information currently available. Please contact PPS for additional information Must be updated 30 days before annual expiration with “new PerfectRECORD Report and new Arrest Alert notifications” – PPS Will notify you when the process needs to be renewed.

Arrest Alert -Must be ordered with our background Screening Products - PerfectRECORD or Unlimited Data Report.
CrimSPY is an Energy or Telecom provider’s BEST FRIEND!! CrimSPY will regularly scan Nationwide Criminal Databases through our PerfectRECORD report each and every month for an entire year checking for criminal misconduct after hire. CrimSPY will immediately send out an ALERT notification when a criminal record is found via email to the HR Manager and/or Contracting Vendor. If you’re working with Contractors or Subcontractors you can easily review the “hit notification” and pull the Sales Rep from working in the field or allow them to continue working. CrimSPY also works hand-in-hand with our ID badging system that provides immediate hit notifications via our website or yours via our BadgeLINK monitoring process. Frequently overlooked, this post-hire screening tool is critical to fully manage the risks associated with Door-To-Door Sales teams.
CrimSPY - Must be ordered with our background Screening Products - PerfectRECORD or Unlimited Data Report.

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All Managers and HR Personnel can access the Records for the Reps underneath them. Company level users can see ALL Managers and their hires, but Managers can only see their own Reps. Pictures, Signed Documents, BG Checks, County Searches, Drug Test Results, Contact Details and even their printable Temp Badge all in one place online 24/7.


Managers, HR, and Compliance Staff can open a ticket to get FAST, accurate support from PPS. PPS staff know the specific concerns of compliance across in-house and outsourced resources, meaning they can quickly answer questions you or your Channel Partners have.


PerfectRECORD only takes 15 seconds. Managers get unprecedented visibility to see where their rep is in the onboarding process. No more nagging to HR to find Automated drug test scheduling means faster tests and results.Printable temporary badges using the candidate's position, pic, name, etc. (Temporary badges expire after 1 week) No more printing, scanning, or emailing documents!

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