Business to business (B2B) sales are a style of selling that often involves businesses selling their solutions to other businesses.

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B2B is beneficial for the seller because they can reach businesses in multiple industries, where the buyer is more likely to be able to make a purchase than with a traditional brick and mortar store.


As a business owner, you are responsible for protecting your company assets, ensuring the safety of your employees and the reputation of your company. Criminal background checks should be required for all employment hiring including both in-house and contractors. Employment background checks are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There may also be laws in your state that regulate the screening process. Not following proper procedure can leave your company vulnerable to legal action and fines, which is why employers should use a full-service FCRA-compliant background check company to conduct their applicant screenings. Please reach out to Protection Plus Solutions to ensure the best screening products are selected for your hiring needs.
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