For safety of your Transportion business you need to hire safe drivers. While many transportation companies are very happy to select safe drivers & moniter them with our services !!!!

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Our DOT compliant Background Reports automatically flags for any criminal records found, including, NameDOB mismatch, or any data not associated with your candidate. The candidate’s report is automatically submitted for a Manual Review Alert so our Compliance Team can review the data and make any changes to the report if necessary. We will notify you in a ticket alert process to provide PPS with additional information on your driver to validate further. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is serious when it comes to background checks and compliance requirements. Let Protection Plus Solutions take the worry out of your hire!


Our advanced pre-screening online application and drug screening service allows you to quickly and seamlessly:

  • Verify the applicants True IDENTITY and any alias useds
  • Order and Track Drug Screening Results On-line
  • Verify if the name of or other personal information has been falsified
  • Verify if they have a valid Social Security Number or Driver’s License
  • Any concerns after hire? Please check out our Monitoring Programs – Arrest Alert (Notification 30 minutes or less after arrest) OR CrimSPY – our Post Hire Monthly Monitoring Alert
  • Order and Track Drug Screening Results with our SECURED tamper proof platform!
  • Verify National Sex Offender Registry
  • Provide you with "Pass or Fail" screening policies based upon your needs.
  • Verify Motor Vehicle Records


PPS sets the bar HIGH when it comes to the Transportation industry. The transportation industry is heavily regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and sets the strictest standards for drivers to qualify and meet the standards to operate commercial motor vehicles.


Transportation companies must constantly check drivers for Criminal Misconduct, Motor Vehicle record checks, and Drug Testing records both annually and randomly. Because of this the US Department of Transportation (DOT) places strict standards on Transportation Companies and their contractors/employees to ensure that all safeguards when hiring are met. If a company does not follow the DOT hiring standards, they could be faced with severe sanctions including losing their business entirely.


PPS provides the necessary background screening criteria that meets the Department of Transportations hiring guidelines.

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