Protection Plus Solutions has partnered with many Non-Profit organizations who work in local communities across the USA.

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Non-Profit Organizations’ (NPO) vision is not a difficult one, it’s a world where everyone has a decent place to live and be profitable. They work towards building strength, stability and self-reliance in partnership with families in need of decent affordable housing and job security.

Background screening
for Non-Profit

Many NPO’s work with Commercial and Residential construction projects as well. Background screening for Non-Profit and construction companies must follow local state and federal laws as it pertains to Non-Profit and construction projects. PPS works with each of your Non-Profit groups or business to ensure that the proper background check is conducted! We will authenticate the candidate's social security validation, government ID, County, State, and Federal Record Searches as well as the National Sex Offender Registry. Different types of criminal verifications might also be necessary for the exact position they’re being hired for. PPS will provide guidance when making the right hiring decision. At PPS we aim to build long-term mutually beneficial business relationships with your company. Our mission statement at PPS is based around the notion that background screening is essential for all businesses in order to change lives and make a difference for their employees or volunteers. When you build your business the RIGHT WAY you help your employees or contractors others build theirs!

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