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Direct Sales Solutions

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Protection Plus Solutions is proud to be a strategic partner with Direct Sales Solutions. DSS works exclusively with many aspects of both Cable and Energy Sales including: Door to Door Sales, Retail Sales, Billing, Claims, Administration, and Sales Manager. DSS understands common roadblocks and areas of frustration in the entire sales process- both from a sales rep point of view and from a management perspective.

Direct Sales Solutions, LLC was founded to assist MSO's and Direct Sales Contracting Companies with an easier and more comprehensive management and oversight of the Direct Sales process, leading to increased sales, higher completion percentages, and more consistent results.

Direct Sales Solutions
Increase your Sales and Productivity with Direct Sales Solutions, providing Affordable Solutions so you can grow your BUSINESS! They offer custom web and software development as well as the following exclusive products:
To inquire about our Direct Sales Solutions Products and Services Please contact:
Karissa Martin
Direct Sales Solutions
Turf Solutions
Upload your client list and Turf Solutions will break the list into definite neighborhoods of your requested size, deliver them in a walking order complete with a map, and perform a wide variety of special formatting at no extra cost. You can purchase a Lifetime License of our Custom Software for use in your organization or purchase lead packets from us as needed. We can also offer your reps Smartphone based access to their leads for appointment scheduling and tracking (Sold, Vacant, Come Back, Do not Knock) Contact Direct Sales Solutions for a FREE trial.
Instant Payroll
Specific to the direct selling commission based industry, Direct Sales Solutions offers a completely revolutionary product. It tracks your representatives and all their paperwork; It creates payroll in a few seconds after a custom setup specific to your pay rules, bonuses, and commission tiers; It handles invoicing, payments, and even profit and loss; Best of all, it will create searchable images of your scanned sales order forms with just a few clicks.
Appointment Solutions
Completely automate your appointment reminder process and reap immediate cost savings from a reduction in no-shows and cancellations. We will work with your existing data infrastructure or make you a new one. Reminder calls are completely customized for each customer with day/time info, their representative's name, phone number and any other pertinent information. Call reports sent to you each day. Customers can key in responses to request a reschedule, callback, or cancel. You can even transfer customers to a scheduler or main office. VERY AFFORDABLE.

Customized Platform Solutions

  • Lead Mapping and Routing Services: Keep your reps knocking in a natural pattern within a neighborhood. Reduced drive time will increase your knocked doors on average 20%-30% each day.
  • Lead Purchases: We will help you find zip codes, facilitate the purchase of residential lists, and create the walkable territories you need to ensure proper coverage of your market.
  • Mobile Sales Solutions: Reps will get their leads on their mobile devices, disposition each lead, schedule callbacks, and enter sales info. Can be integrated with MSO billing systems to input orders directly!
  • MSO's: Get rid of your call center middle-men and get statistics such as sales/knocks, sales/time of day, avg RGUs, even see which teams are best in each product category!
  • Contractors: Get extreme detail on rep performance, time-in-field, see patterns of wasted time, lost opportunities, and more.
  • Appointment Reminder Systems: Automated installation appt reminder calls sent daily with customer specific info and optional transfer for reschedule.
  • Call Center Software: Pay per minute, no per seat fee. Custom scripts and call handling rules. Record calls for free.
  • Commission Payroll System: Custom designed to match each client's specific payroll rules. Multiple tiers, bonuses, holdback, chargeback, and overrides.
  • Custom software design: Have an idea for a business application? We can handle it!
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