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Where to Get a Background Check – Unveiling Protection Plus Solutions

Where to Get a Background Check – Unveiling Protection Plus Solutions
Friday, January 19, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of employee hiring and business security, the question arises: Where to get a background check? Established in 2010, Protection Plus Solutions is your One-Stop source for all your HR administrative needs. Specializing in background checks, DMV/MVR searches, ID badging, and drug screening, this innovative solution provides a seamless and secure process for companies looking to make informed decisions about their workforce. This article explores the diverse services offered by Protection Plus Solutions, ensuring that your hiring process is backed by the most accurate and up-to-date information available.


The Comprehensive Suite of Services

Background Checks with a Unique ID System

Protection Plus Solutions provides HR administrators with a secure, paperless online web application to review background check results. Each company is assigned a unique ID number to track applicant background screenings for the duration of their employment. This unique ID system ensures meticulous record-keeping and accountability.


Customizable ID Badge Software

One standout feature of Protection Plus Solutions is its unique badge software. This software allows companies to share vital information about vendors or employees before they enter a customer’s home or business. The BadgeLINK™ typically includes the employee’s picture, company name/logo, date of the background check, and a disclosure about the monthly background re-check through Protection Plus Solutions’ CrimSPY feature.


CrimSPY: Real-Time Background Monitoring

Unlike traditional yearly background checks, Protection Plus Solutions offers the CrimSPY feature, which automatically rechecks an employee’s background every month at no additional cost. If any criminal activity is detected, the badge clearance is immediately canceled, and both local franchises and corporate headquarters are promptly notified. The employee’s badge on the status verification website also receives a visible “FAILED” symbol, accessible to customers.

Where to Get a Background Check?

In today’s competitive business environment, making the right hiring decisions is critical. Protection Plus Solutions not only provides quality background screening but goes beyond by offering a proactive approach to security with its monthly monitoring feature. This ensures that businesses have real-time information about their employees, mitigating potential risks.

Why Choose Protection Plus Solutions?

1. Ongoing Security
The CrimSPY feature ensures ongoing security by monitoring employees monthly, giving businesses a proactive edge in maintaining a secure environment for their customers.

2. Customized ID Badge
The customizable ID badge adds an extra layer of security, providing customers with real-time access to an employee’s background clearance status.

3. Immediate Notifications
Protection Plus Solutions’ immediate notification system ensures that any potential threats are addressed promptly, safeguarding the interests of both the business and its customers.



Protection Plus Solutions not only offers a comprehensive suite of background screening services but also revolutionizes the concept of real-time security with its CrimSPY feature and customizable ID badges. In an era where businesses need to stay vigilant, this innovative approach ensures that you, as a business owner, can confidently provide the best protection for both your employees and customers.